Oppo Showcases Find X5 Series And 240W Supervooc Flash Charger At MWC2022

by Lingraj Sahu

Oppo outdoes rival Realme by 70W but it’s unclear exactly when 240W SuperVooc fast charging will arrive on a smartphone

Oppo has introduced the world’s fastest charger at MWC 2022. This charger has set a new record. During the demo, Oppo charged the smartphone with a 4500mAh battery to 100 percent in just 9 minutes. With this, history has been made. Prior to this, Xiaomi had a 120W charger, which could charge the smartphone’s battery to 100 percent in 17 minutes. Earlier in the Mobile World Congress itself, Realme had introduced 150W SUPERVOOC charging, which charged the smartphone’s battery up to 50 percent in just 5 minutes.

Oppo Showcases Find X5 Series And 240W Supervooc Flash Charge At MWC2022

During the demo, Oppo charged the smartphone to 100% in 9 minutes. Oppo has charged the 4500mAh battery with a 240W charger. The company introduced the VOOC flash charge in 2014, after which Oppo has now introduced this battery. The company said that this fast charging of Oppo is completely safe. This charger will not harm the smartphone.

According to the company, the temperature protection has been increased through the 13 temperature sensors given in the phone. This will easily avoid problems like overheating. For safety, it also has a customized chip, which controls the voltage, current, and temperature of the unit.

Oppo Showcases Find X5 Series And 240W Supervooc Flash Charge At MWC2022

Along with the new charging technology, there is also support for Oppo’s new Battery Health Engine. Both Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology have been used in this charger. Of these, the Smart Battery Health algorithm tracks the battery’s electric potential in real-time. Battery healing technology, on the other hand, optimizes the internal parts of the battery.

This includes five safety protection measures and a specially designed control chip that monitors voltage, current, and temperature to make sure everything is ok. Furthermore, the unnamed phone has 13 temperature sensors around the chassis.

Oppo Showcases Find X5 Series And 240W Supervooc Flash Charge At MWC2022

The smartphone company also unveiled 150W SuperVooc flash charging which can match Realme’s 50% in five minutes (4500mAh battery). However, it also has the firm’s Battery Health Engine (BHE) which arrived last week in the Oppo Find X5 series – although the Find X5 Pro has 80W charging.

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