Tata Sky Provides Broadband Plans With Unlimited FUP Under Rs 600, Long Term Subscription Also Available

by Lingraj Sahu

Tata Sky has many options for broadband subscribers with speeds like 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and even 100 Mbps plans

Over a year and a half from just being a broadband provider in select cities, Tata Sky broadband has now become a major broadband service provider. This is mainly because Tata Sky Broadband is also amongst the other broadband companies that offer attractive plans at attractive prices. There are plans by Tata Sky broadband which come with unlimited data and high speeds which are ideal for users looking to stream content or play games.

There are also fixed GB plans in the Tata Sky portfolio which come with a data carryover feature, which is another attractive offering from Tata Sky. The Tata Sky broadband customers will also be able to get some long-term offers on the Tata Sky broadband plans which will make these plans even more worth buying for them.

Tata Sky Provides Broadband Plans With Unlimited FUP Under Rs 600, Long Term Subscription Also Available

Tata Sky Broadband Plans With Unlimited Data

The most interesting portfolio of broadband plans from Tata Sky is in Ahmedabad circle where a lot of plans come with unlimited data. The starting plan in this range is the Rs 590 plan offering unlimited data at 16 Mbps speed with free router and data rollover. There are also plans with unlimited data available at Rs 700 offering 25 Mbps, Rs 800 offering 50 Mbps, Rs 1,100 offering 75 Mbps and Rs 1,300 offering 100 Mbps. Interestingly, the subscribers of Tata Sky broadband will be able to access 100 Mbps internet with no limit for Rs 1,300 per month only in Ahmedabad. In this region, there are only two fixed GB plans of Rs 650 and Rs 1,000 and they offer 100GB and 300GB respectively at 50 Mbps.

Tata Sky Broadband in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Other Cities

Similarly, in the Mumbai circle too, Tata Sky is offering three unlimited plans, but they start at a slightly higher price point. The unlimited data plan from Tata Sky here begins at Rs 999, and it offers 25 Mbps speed. Next up, Tata Sky offers a Rs 1,249 plan with 50 Mbps speed and Rs 1,599 plan with 100 Mbps speed. In the Hyderabad circle, the service provider offers unlimited plans, but the minimum subscription period is three months. Tata Sky broadband customers will be able to get 30 Mbps unlimited data connection at Rs 2,847 for three months, 50 Mbps at Rs 3,447 and 100 Mbps connection at Rs 4,197.

Tata Sky Broadband Expand Operations to 21 Cities

The Tata Sky broadband portfolio in New Delhi is the same as in Mumbai when it comes to unlimited data plans consisting of plans worth Rs 999, Rs 1,249 and Rs 1,599. In addition to these, there are obviously a lot of fixed GB plans to choose from. It is also worth noting that initially, Tata Sky had started its services from 14 cities, but only last month, the service provider has expanded its operations to 21 cities including cities like Surat, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur and more. Additionally, Tata Sky broadband is offering plans for 3 months, 5 months, 6 months and 12 months on different rates for the subscribers.

Tata Sky Broadband Offering Up to Six Months of Extra Service

Just like you would see extra service months in DTH offers when subscribers get a connection with an upfront payment, they get some benefits from the DTH provider, Similarly, Tata Sky is offering some benefits to its subscribers in the form of a long-term connection.


Therefore, when Tata Sky broadband subscribers get a connection for six months or seven months, they will be able to enjoy extra service months from Tata Sky Broadband. If a customer chooses the plan for nine months, Tata Sky Broadband will credit an additional four months of service for free. If a Tata Sky Broadband user in Hyderabad chooses a 100 Mbps Unlimited Data plan for 12 months by paying Rs 16,788, then the company will provide an additional six months of service.

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