Vodafone Idea Launched Industry-First Voice-Based Contactless Recharge Option For Retail Outlets

by Lingraj Sahu

Vodafone Idea has introduced a very special service for its users and under this, to recharge mobile phones, you only have to speak and get recharged.

Vodafone Idea recently launched a customer care service on WhatsApp with the support of Artificial Intelligence for its users. In this service, users can get information related to their bill, data, plan or recharge, etc. on WhatsApp with the help of a virtual customer assistant. At the same time, the company has introduced another new recharge service. In this service, users can avail of contactless voice-based recharge at retail stores. This feature works through the company’s Smart Connect retailer app.

Vodafone Idea Contactless Recharge

Vodafone Idea has introduced an industry-first initiative to facilitate contactless recharges at retail outlets, while maintaining social distancing between the Customer and the Retailer. This has been made possible through Vodafone Idea’s Smart Connect retailer app which allows retailers to recharge without having to hand over the phone to the customer to enter their mobile number. The customer or retailer can simply speak out the ten-digit mobile number on the device and the Google voice-enabled feature will capture the command from a distance of up to ten feet.

As retail outlets in various Orange and Green zones across the country start to open, Vodafone Idea is ensuring complete implementation of social distancing protocol at its stores. In order to facilitate contactless recharges, Smart Connect is now enabled with a voice-based recharge feature and is available at all Vodafone Idea own stores and multi-branded stores. The customer can speak out the mobile number that will get captured and reflect in the Recharge tab. The subsequent recharge journey will continue as per the existing process.

As a customer-oriented telecom operator, it is our constant endeavor to come up with products and services relevant to the times and keep our customers connected at all times. In line with our Digital-first approach, we are digitizing our processes to offer convenient and efficient services to our nearly 300 million customers. The industry-first, Voice-based Contactless Recharge enables recharges without touch and is extremely relevant in these times when maintaining social distancing is the need of the hour to stay safe.

– Ambrish Jain, Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone Idea

How Contactless voice-based recharge will work

Typically, to recharge the mobile at a retail store, the shopkeeper gives you a phone number to enter your number. After that, your dialed recharge is done by taking that phone back. There is a risk of coronavirus infection and contactless voice-based recharge will be used to protect people from this infection and to keep distance between each other.

Vodafone Idea Contactless Recharge

To use it, you only have to say your number by speaking, after which Vodafone Idea’s smart contact retailer app will capture your voice with the help of Google Voice Assistant and your number will be automatically typed. There will be no need to contact this service offered in terms of tone. You can get the recharge done by simply speaking your number by visiting the recharge store.

Typically, when a Vodafone or Idea customer comes to a retail outlet for prepaid recharge, the retailer often hands over a phone (with the Smart Connect Retailer App opened) to the customer to type in their mobile number that ensures accuracy. With the new voice-based contactless recharge option, customers can simply speak out the ten-digit mobile number that will be captured by the Google voice assistant on Vodafone Idea’s Smart Connect retailer app. The company claims that the Google voice-enabled feature on the app will be able to capture the command (or the prepaid mobile number in the case) from a distance of up to ten feet.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Idea recently relaunched its double data offer on a pan-India basis. According to the company, double data offer brings 2GB of additional high-speed daily data benefits with the Rs. 299, Rs. 449, and Rs. 699 prepaid plans for all telecom circles.

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