India Records High Download Speed In Mobile And Fixed Broadband

by Lingraj Sahu
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India recorded a 13-month high rate of mobile and fixed broadband download speeds in the month of October. After which it moved from 118th place to 113th place globally.

Internet testing firm Ookla on Tuesday said mobile download speed and fixed broadband median download speed in India hit a 13-month high in October, helping the country move up the global rankings in both metrics.

The country recorded the highest average mobile download speed (up from 13.87 Mbps in September to 16.50 Mbps), moving the country from 118th in September to 113th position in the global ranking of average mobile download speeds. According to data from global leader Ookla, the fixed broadband average download speed for India hit a 13-month high of 48.78 Mbps, up from 48.59 Mbps in Network Intelligence and Connectivity Insights.

According to the October Speed ​​Test Global Index, Macau recorded the biggest rise in rank, with the UAE ranked 15th globally in the overall global average mobile speed. For the overall global fixed average speed, Montenegro recorded the largest increase in rank, gaining 11 places with Singapore at rank 1 in the overall global fixed average speed.

Reliance Jio recorded a 600Mbps average download speed

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio recorded nearly 600Mbps average download speed on its 5G network in Delhi, while India’s overall 5G speed reached 500Mbps since the country launched 5G services in October.

And according to Ookla’s ‘Speedtest Intelligence’ report, telecom operators have been testing their networks and have seen 5G download speeds ranging from low-double digits (16.27Mbps) to 809.94Mbps.

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