Google meet update, users will get an auto-zoom feature with a new interface

by Lingraj Sahu

Google has announced to update the Google Meet app. Beginning next month, desktop and laptop users will get support for the latest features in the Google Meet app with the new auto-zoom interface.

Legendary tech company Google has announced an update to its special app Google Meet. Beginning next month, desktop and laptop users will get support for the latest features in the Google Meet app with new interfaces, auto-zoom, which will make online meetings attractive. The company believes that this will improve the experience of users.

Google meet update

To improve the Meat app, a video feed to a bottom bar will be added to it. The company says that we will give full control to the users to reduce the fatigue during online meetings. The company has further said that users will be able to control the online meeting according to their own.

Google announced the updates for Google Meet via a blog post on Wednesday. In an effort to rival Zoom, Google has introduced custom backgrounds for video calls. Users can select from a variety of images and videos but it has not been confirmed whether users can upload and use their own content for this feature. For video backgrounds, users can select between a classroom, a party, and a forest. More backgrounds are expected to be added soon.

Google meet update

There is another feature being introduced for paid Google Workspace subscribers, who will be able to access Autozoom. This feature helps users to be clearly focussed, zoomed in, and positioned squarely in the center. The tech giant said that this feature will be rolled out in the coming months.

Hide Feature in Google Meet

Hide feature will be provided in the Meat app from Google. Through this, users will be able to hide themselves during online meeting. Apart from this, pinning and unpinning has also been improved to increase the confidence of the presenter in the online meeting.

Auto-zoom feature

With the help of the auto-zoom feature, other users will be able to see you easily. The company says that when you move even a little bit from your place during the meeting, the auto-zoom will automatically focus on your face. The company says that support of this feature will be given in Google Workspace in the coming months. To use it, users have to buy a subscription. Apart from this, the bottom bar will also be added, so that users will be able to control the online meeting easily.

Google meet update

Noise Cancellation in Google Meet

Notably, last year Google released the Noise Cancellation feature for the users of Meat App. This new tool will cancel all the background noise during video conferencing on Google Meet. Meaning the user will not have to do anything in this, all the work will be machine learning and AI based. The advantage of this is that if a neighbor plays a song during an office meeting or your pet starts barking, their voice will not go to video conferencing.

This feature can prove to be very effective for people doing work from home. Apart from this, another feature meeting Turned Off was rolled out in Google Meet. In which you will be able to get out of the meeting automatically by going to the settings of Google Meet.

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