Airtel Xstream or ACT Stream TV 4K: Which One to Pair With Your Smart TV Screen?

by Lingraj Sahu

Airtel’s new Xstream Box and ACT Stream TV 4K are similar products which bring OTT content on the TV screen. However, one is slightly better than the other

With the increasing competition in the DTH sector, the DTH operators are working up different ways to attract consumers. However, the thing to note here is that for these companies the rival is not only the competition but also OTT streaming platforms which seem to be springing up at a rapid pace. To solve this, the DTH operators are rolling out the new device, and dongles that would allow the users to combine their satellite TV channels and the OTT content, both at the same place. We have seen debuts like ACT Stream TV 4K in this regard, but a new contender to this device is the Airtel Stream Box. How do both of these devices compare in features and pricing?

Airtel Xstream

ACT Stream TV 4K vs Airtel Xstream: Features

The first thing to note about these two devices is that they both aim to accomplish the same thing – the amalgamation of satellite TV channels and the content available online. The ACT Stream TV 4K has been in the market for quite some time now, and it has received some great reviews for the service that it brings to the customers, however, with the launch of Airtel Xstream Box, Airtel just might have one-upped ACT.

Unlike ACT Stream TV 4K which simply brings OTT content on the screen along with live TV channels, the Airtel Xstream Box pairs both Satellite TV channels and the OTT content.

The users of Airtel Xstream will be able to flip the Satellite TV channels and control their OTT applications with the same remote. This is something that the ACT Stream TV 4K does not offer yet. Then comes the question of, what if the DTH service is down and you have to have the Live TV channels to the rescue? In that situation as well, Airtel Xstream Box has an edge as it comes bundled with the Airtel Xstream app on the Box which provides over 350 live TV channels and over 10,000 movies and TV shows.

Airtel Xstream

ACT Stream TV 4K vs Airtel Xstream: Live TV and Pricing

On the other hand, the ACT Stream TV 4K currently ships 280 Live TV channels, although the brand has ensured that it will work to bring more channels onboard this console. The Airtel Xstream will provide access to applications like Netflix, ZEE5 and Amazon Prime. The ACT Stream TV 4K comes with all these applications except Amazon Prime, which has to be side-loaded by the users.


When it comes to pricing, the Airtel Xstream Box will be available to the users 3,999 whereas, the ACT Stream TV 4K retails for Rs 4,499. For existing Airtel Digital TV users, the Airtel Xstream Box will only cost Rs 2,249. Not to forget, that if you are an Airtel broadband or postpaid users, you are likely to be eligible for a free year of Amazon Prime subscription and three months of free Netflix subscription as well.


As you could have guessed, the Airtel Xstream Box currently seems to be the right choice for consumers given its pricing, the pairing of satellite TV and the Live TV channel count. However, if you are an ACT Fibernet user, then there are a couple of features that could interest you, like pairing the subscription bills with your ACT broadband bills, the clean UI that the Stream TV 4K offers.

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