ACT Netflix Bundled Plans for Delhi

by Lingraj Sahu

ACT Fibernet provides a Netflix subscription exclusively with six-month and twelve-month high-speed broadband plans. In Delhi, there are three plans available that come with a bundled Netflix Basic subscription.

ACT Fibernet is one of the few ISPs in India that offers a Netflix subscription bundled with its broadband plans in select cities. The plans vary from city to city and are updated on the company’s website. Currently, users in Delhi can choose from three high-speed broadband plans that come with a free Netflix Basic subscription.

The first plan is the Silver Promo Streaming plan, which costs Rs 799 per month and provides 150 Mbps speed. To get a free Netflix Basic subscription, users must choose either a six-month or twelve-month plan. The second plan is the Platinum Promo Streaming plan, which is priced at Rs 1049 per month and provides 250 Mbps speed.

Users must choose a six-month or twelve-month plan to avail of the free Netflix Basic subscription. The third plan, called Diamond Streaming, costs Rs 1349 and provides 300 Mbps speed. Again, users must choose a six-month or twelve-month plan to get a free Netflix Basic subscription.

Note that users can upgrade from Netflix Basic to Netflix Standard by paying the difference in the subscription price, which is currently Rs 300 per month. For example, if a user chooses to upgrade to Netflix Standard, which costs Rs 499 per month, they will have to pay an additional Rs 300 per month.z

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